Race and Asatru

I find it abhorrent that I must add this section, but I recently discovered that this page was being indexed on some white supremacist and neo-nazi pages. It seems that I must make a public statement on this distasteful subject.

It has been the sad fate of Asatru to have had our faith highjacked by some subhuman maggots who are trying to hitch their sick and twisted political wagon to our faith.

It is the position of The Raven Kindred, Asatru Today, myself personally, and all legitimate Asatruar that race and ethnicity are completely irrelevant to Asatru and Norse Paganism.

Asatru is a religion. It is open to anyone who wishes to join it. Those persons who would limit its membership on the basis of race, sex, sexual preference, or other such criteria are not only mentally challenged, but are traitors to the Gods. If the Gods call someone to their service, it is not our business to deny them based on their genetic origin. To do so is to go against the Gods, and thus is to commit treason against Asgard.

So, if you came here looking for racist crap, please take your jack-boots, funny armbands, and white hoods and Go to Hel.

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