Our Vision of an Asatru Future

For too long our faith has wasted its time with idiocy. First racists tried to exploit our faith for their unholy aims. Then the fools took over, trying to cater to each and every special interest and creating something so bland that it was appealing to nobody. All the while people have come and gone, shaking their heads and being driven away by petty problems. The Raven Kindred is tired of the fools: the racist morons, the wizards who live in their parents' basement, the monarchists, the political players, the viking-dressup wannabees, the Wiccans who refuse to respect our right to be different, and all the rest of them.

Asatru is a simple religion. To be Asatru is to worship the Gods of the North by holding blots in their honor and gathering with others of our faith in sumbel and fellowship. Our duty to Asatru is to remain faithful to our Gods and to build a community that will continue to honor them in the future.

Asatru is a religion for everybody. It's not limited to any race or sex. You don't need to speak old Norse or know how to use a sword. All that is required is to dedicate oneself to the Aesir and Vanir through a ritual of profession--a simple oath of dedication taken to the Gods, not to a church or a person.

Asatru is a modern religion. We live in the real world. Many of us seek to learn about the ancient traditions of our faith, and some are involved in re-creation and living history groups, but we live in modern American, not ancient Iceland. Asatru is not something we do in a library or when we're dressed up in a viking tunic, it's something we do and are every day of our lives. Living in the past won't build a future for our children.

We envision a future where Asatru is again a great religion in our country. Where people understand who and what we are. A future where Asatru isn't known for being strange, but for for being a faith of good and moral productive people who are an asset to their communities and places of business.

We envision a bright future. Public and accessable kindreds available all over the country so that people will never again ask about Asatru and be told they are indeed alone. We see a future where major cities have public Hofs, open to anyone to see our faith and what it brings us. We envision local communities where Asatruar choose to live near each other, so that we will have the numbers to accomplish our goals. We want to see religious education to teach our children about our faith, so that they can remain strong in Asatru throughout our lives. We want to see retreat centers in the country, where people can go to learn about our faith and we can go to relax and renew our connection with the Gods. Services for our people, Gothar who are there when people need them to offer education, services, counseling, or just someone to listen.

All this takes work, dedication, and perserverence. At first our Hof may be a rented storefront or a old decrepit building, bought cheap and refinished with "sweat equity." Our retreat centers will start as groves and annual gatherings. Our Gothar will have to burn the candle at both ends and hold secular as well as sacred employment. Our communities may mean "urban homesteading" or making economic sacrifices in order to live near other Asatru. But we must begin. An Asatru future is within our grasp; we mustn't let it slip through our fingers.

We can do better.

The Gods demand we do better.

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