Raven Kindred Calendar

Raven Kindred meets at least once each month and for the four major Norse holidays: Summer and Winter Finding (Spring & Fall Equinox), Summer Solstice, and Yule. Traditional festivals which have been moved to fit our monthly schedule have their traditional date in parenthesis. Festivals marked with a "*" are particular to the Raven Kindred. There are other holidays which our kindred does not meet to celebrate, but which are recognized by Asatru and celebrated on an individual or family basis.

Some people have expressed surprise that we have a core calendar that we work from, to their mind, this lacks a certain amount of spontaneity. Unfortunately, spontaneity has this tendency to turn into events not happening. With a core calendar, you have the advantage of an outline to work from, while maintaining the freedom to change it at need.

January 1st weekend--Frig's Distaff--Celebration of Frigga and the home (Trad.1/2)

February 1st weekend--Disting--Celebration of Freya and the Disir (Trad. 2/14)

March 1st weekend--Founding of the World. Celebration of Odin, Vili, and Ve*
3/21--Summer Finding - Celebration of the Goddess Ostara. Also a celebration of the Raven Kindred's founding, Spring Equinox 1991.

April 1st weekend--Alfarblot. Sacrifice to the elves and nature spirits (traditionally celebrated as part of Disting)

May 1st weekend--May Day/Walpurgis. Celebration of spring which we dedicate to Njord and Nerthus. (Trad. 5/1)

June 1st weekend--Festival of Mead dedicated to Aegir and also to Bygvir and Beyla*
3/21 Summer Solstice--Dedicated to Sunna, Goddess of the Sun

July 1st weekend--Blot in honor of Baldr*

August 1st weekend--Freyfaxi, first harvest and celebration of Frey and his horse (Trad. 8/1)

September 1st weekend--Discovery of the Runes, celebration of Odin as the God of Wisdom (Odinic Rite holiday celebrated 8/25)
9/21 Winter Finding--Disirblot (Disirblot traditionally 10/13-10/15)

October 1st weekend--Tyrblot, celebration of Justice and Honor. (Supreme Court session begins 1st Monday in October)*

November 1st weekend--Einherjar, celebration of war-dead and Ragnarok Dedicated to Odin and Freya (Trad. 11/11--Armistice Day)

December 1st weekend--Winterblot, dedicated to Skadi and/or Ullr*
12/21--Yule, multiday festival dedicated to Thor et al (Traditionally a festival lasting from the Mother Night 12/21 to New Years Day)

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